3 ideas that can help ensure a successful Spring.

Emerging Corn

The first official day of Spring is next week and we can already feel it in the air – Winter is on the way out and Spring is just around the corner! The temps in our areas are steadily climbing so the frost will soon be gone and our spring sampling season will begin.

We’re excited about the upcoming year and are ready to get to work for all of the great people we partner with!  Here are a few things to help make the most of your time as you continue your planning for the upcoming seasons.

3 things that can help your success this spring

  • Review your re-sample list. Fields that have been previously sampled are the easiest acres to get re-enrolled in your program – but are sometimes the easiest to overlook. Identify any fields that may have been missed last fall that are due for re-sampling.
  • Enter your sampling orders early. Time is always at a premium leading up to planting season. SoilView makes it easy to pre-enter your sampling orders now and then simply release them with the push of a button as they become ready.
  • SoilView Processing can lighten your load. Shipping soil samples, following them through the lab process, and transferring the final results to your data partners can be time consuming.  SoilView Processing can accommodate all of these (and more!) so you can focus on what you do best.

With the ongoing challenges that you and your growers face every year, proper soil sampling should be the foundation of a farm’s fertility program. Given the money spent on fertilizer it’s a worthwhile investment, and it is important to do it right. Here is a good article we found  that can help explain some of the reasons why good soil sampling can help a grower account for variability and allow for adjustment. Make this year the best year yet for you and your growers!