Technology Adoption in Agriculture

SoilView Technology In Ag

Technology adoption on the farm is increasing and shows no sign of slowing. Most experts are starting to agree that the ag economy decline is over, but a recovery in prices is going to be a long, slow one. Many growers who have been holding off on technology investments for the past few years are accepting that current conditions are the new baseline, and that the way to increase their margins is no longer waiting for prices to recover; rather they need to adopt new ways to better manage their practices to maximize their operations to be as profitable as possible.

In a recent article in the Corn+Soybean Digest they discuss the results of a survey on technology adoption in agriculture (you can read the whole article here). There are a few key things reported here that stand out to us in particular:

  • 50% use grid soil sampling (68% if farm 1,000-1,999 acres; 52% if under age 45)
  • When asked which technologies or practices they plan to begin using in the next 2 years 10% of respondents replied they intend to start grid soil sampling

When asked about roadblocks they face in adapting to new technologies growers had some interesting responses as well:

  • 30% Do not operate sufficient acreage to spread out fixed costs
  • 21% Do not see sufficient benefits to justify the cost or time
  • 15% Lack knowledge or access to expertise needed to make link between collected data and management decisions
  • 13% Do not trust the security of collected data
  • 12% Not familiar how to operate technology
  • 10% of respondents do not have adequate internet access
  • 9% Do not feel comfortable with the technologies

Your role as an agronomy service provider is uniquely positioned to help them overcome almost all of the roadblocks they see in becoming more efficient and profitable! Over the next few years as the ag economy slowly grows there will be many opportunities for you to educate and offer solutions for your current and new customers as they seek to best manage their farms.

The foundation for all of agriculture’s productive capacity is and always will be the soil – as your partner SoilView is here to support you in providing those services that put the critical soil data in your hands to leverage today’s technology and help your customers make the best strategy moving forward.