Sample now to give yourself a head start on fall!

Did you know?

Historically, October 19th has the highest volume of harvested fields marked Ready for soil sampling in one day!

It feels a little early to be talking about harvest but that peak date is only 100 days away! One thing is almost certain, with the number of acres that were either delayed or replanted, there are going to be a lot of acres that are NOT harvested by then this fall. Many have projected peak harvest to be closer to October 29th this year.

It is critical to have as many workable days in the field as possible during the 6 weeks between this main harvest and December 1st. Last fall many struggled to finish fall applications due to extensive wet weather, and the chain-reaction this caused was felt all the way through planting this year.

What can you do for this fall knowing your precious 6 weeks are most likely already compressed down to 4?

Get as much soil sampling done now as possible

to have your fertilizer plans and equipment ready to go with no delay after fields get harvested.

We are seeing a lot of late-planted soybeans that are still at the perfect stage to be soil sampled. Many of these fields are the ones that will be fertilized this fall in preparation for a 2020 corn crop. That means these fields are also your biggest opportunity right now to set yourself up for a better fall!

SoilView can help!

We have teams in place ready to complete sampling in these fields. Our SoilView Support staff can also use our ReTain program to generate a list for you of the fields that will be coming due for resampling this fall, to help you identify fields that can be done now instead of waiting.

Act now! The window for sampling these late-planted soybeans will be closing soon, so take advantage of this opportunity to buy yourself MORE TIME this fall!

Click here to learn more about Early In Crop sampling or to find out more about our ReTain program!