Regional update May 19th 2020

Graph showing summer sampling opportunity

It feels great that nearly everyone we talk with is where they planned to be in mid-May (or even ahead of schedule!) after several challenging springs. This has created a huge opportunity for you to set yourself up for a better fall.

Normal spring weather has enabled us to get ahead of most customers’ projections – even if you’ve hit your current goal we have time to take on more summer sampling acres right now. Every field you sample early will directly ease your workload during the hectic harvest season!

Once you share the benefits of Early In Crop sampling with your growers – how it allows them to plan over the summer and can lessen their time between harvest and tillage/fertilizer events – you will be amazed at how many of them are eager to make the switch.

EIC is also a great time to get ahead with fields that need sampling to meet Manure Management Plan requirements. Seize this opportunity to put yourself and your growers in a better position this fall by moving more sampling acres to get done right now!


Joel Anfinson, SoilView Area Manager

Soil conditions have been excellent compared to the last few years which has allowed us to sample non-stop. As of today we have almost all of the corn done so we shouldn’t have to worry about it out growing us. This lets us transition into sampling beans earlier so we’ll have plenty of time and enough employees to handle much more! We did receive a much needed rain, so we’ll be cautious of those low lying areas once we get back into the field. We’ll start seeing some nitrate sampling start up here in the next week or so as well. All in all a great start to the 2020 spring/summer season.


Ryan Braget, SoilView Area Manager

We are off to a great start on Early In Crop sampling and just received a much needed rain. We are continuing to see an increase in early in crop sampling. There is still plenty of time to move any planned fall acres to be sampled this spring/summer. We will prioritize corn acres first and then move into beans. Looking forward to finishing out what has already been a great spring!


Austin Ball, Staci Frommelt, and Dan Loebach SoilView Area Managers

Seeing some wet weather right now, but have had such superb soil conditions so far it has allowed us to have an excellent Spring sampling season. Most current summer sampling orders are completed so now is a great opportunity to consider moving some fields from After Harvest to After Plant.


Jason Gibson and Tyler Getting, SoilView Area Managers

A majority of fields are planted and emerged. We had some needed rain this weekend – looks like more in the forecast but it won’t take long for After Plant sampling to get back to full speed. We are also starting crop scouting and pulling deep nitrate samples this week.


Ryan Shorkey, SoilView Area Manager

Sampling conditions the past few weeks have been excellent in Minnesota. We did see a cold snap move through the area a couple weeks ago. Over the past weekend we got some much needed rain, some areas in central and southern Minnesota saw 4-5″ of precipitation. With a warmer and drier forecast this week we will be back in the fields in no time!


Bob Ingvalson, SoilView Area Manager

We’ve completed our before plant sampling, and although conditions have been wet this spring the farmers are getting out in their fields. After several exceptionally wet seasons in a row, some agronomists have decided to try summer sampling for the first time in their area to take advantage of more predictable soil conditions this time of the year.


Tim Friedel, Dustin Mills, Lane Albus, and Derek Johnson SoilView Area Managers

We’re coming through a recent cold spell and are starting to see a lot of emerged crops in the field, which means it’s time to start installing moisture probes. Crop scouts are on the lookout for cutworms, wireworms, and white grubs. Many are also doing stand counts to alert them of potential issues due to planting, insects, diseases, and/or environmental conditions. As planting gets wrapped up it’s still a great time to pull soil samples and have the summer to make prescriptions and be ready to spread in early fall.


Andy Pinkley, SoilView Area Manager

We’ve seen a lot of orders for moisture probe installations coming in and have our team of installers ready in Texas, western Kansas, and Colorado where it has been very dry lately. Eastern Kansas saw a lot of rain last week, their corn is mostly in and are working on their soybeans in that region.