3 Ways Soil Sampling Pays

Soil Sampling Pays.
If you don’t test, it’s just a guess!

3 Ways Soil Sampling Benefits You

1. Maximize Return On Investment
Measure the variability in your fields, and use it to your advantage. Strategic decisions using soil test data will help you capitalize on your inputs by maximizing yield AND profit.

Did you know? Soil sampling accounts for less than 1% of annual production costs. Proper nutrient placement and improved yield response through soil sampling quickly pays off!


2. Improve Nutrient Efficiency
Flat-rate applications based on yield averages leave too many areas of a field over and under fertilized, a liability nobody wants. Soil sampling will identify where to invest your fertilizer dollars more wisely.

How many acres in a field actually produce the average yield? In most cases 5% or less – if you’re applying based on average yield, 95% or more of your field is being under and over fertilized!


3. Empower Your Sustainability
Soil sampling enables site-specific management decisions using the 4R’s to optimize your soil fertility. Use nutrient trend lines to make long-term goals by measuring the key performance factors of your soil.

Want to future proof your farm? Soil sampling data gives you the power to positively impact the economic, agronomic, AND environmental areas of your business!

Improve your bottom line with better
decisions based on high-quality reliable, repeatable soil sampling!