SoilView ReTain

The only streamlined process that assures your agronomists
that customer fields are in your resample program.

Today’s high-yield agriculture demands that soil nutrient levels be measured at regular intervals.  Despite this, research shows that up to 65% of fields that are sampled once are missed on the resample cycle!

With ReTain your customers' previously sampled fields are automatically loaded into SoilView on the regular cycle you choose and ready to be released for resampling. ReTain enables your agronomists to create a resampling strategy before the busy harvest season starts.

Take back lost spreading days, exceed your grower's expectations, and most importantly - no more missed customer fields!

ReTain the acre – ReTain the customer


ReTain reduces pressure on your sales agronomists by pre-loading the growers
and fields eligible for resampling into SoilView for their review and release.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ReTain cost?

ReTain is a new feature added for SoilView customers, and currently there are no additional fees to use it.

Do my ReTain Eligible orders automatically get sampled?

Not automatically. After you review your ReTain Eligible orders you control the next step by taking action to set their status to Pending or Ready, or you can remove them from your list.

How are ReTain Eligible orders identified?

The SoilView System searches previous sample events, and compares field area to see if it has been resampled. If it hasn't, a ReTain Eligible order is created for you to review.

My growers are on a 2-year sampling cycle. Will that work with ReTain?

ReTain is completely customized to your account. You decide the frequency used to identify ReTain Eligible orders to tailor it to your specific sampling goals.

I use a third-party software, how does that work with ReTain?

SoilView orders are compatible with almost any provider. In most cases a soil sampling order can originate through ReTain and the resulting data will flow back into your third-party software seamlessly.

I'm new to SoilView, can I still use ReTain?

Yes! We have had great success adding new customers' previous sampling events into SoilView so they can be identified as ReTain Eligible orders moving forward.

Your growers are counting on you to provide superior service and quality information.

Don’t let your hard work walk out the door!

Exceed your grower’s expectations with ReTain from SoilView!

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